A Essay On Me and my big mouth

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What an unusual topic! By the phrasing of "my big mouth", this may be a punishment assignment or a wake-up call from a teacher. Whatever it is, handle this like any other essay. What do you wnt to say about your big mouth? Does it get you into trouble? In what ways? I can see an essay with a thesis about three ways your big mouth gets you into trouble. One could be that you blurt out in class which makes your teacher angry which you could develop with examples and whether it is deliberate or not. Another could be the frustration of other students expecting you to be the class clown and use your big mouth to distract the class. Another could be your own frustration with your lack of control because you would like to change your image. Are you ADHD with no one to teach you methods of controlling your mouth or blurting out? Any of these could be developed into a paragraph to give you three body paragraphs. Your thesis and conclusion would focus on the three body paragraphs you pick. Good luck as I think that for you, this will be an important essay.

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