Is this a good essay about how opposite themes are portrayed in Romeo and Juliet?First of all, Romeo, and Juliet is the most famous love story in...

Is this a good essay about how opposite themes are portrayed in Romeo and Juliet?

First of all, Romeo, and Juliet is the most famous love story in the English literature. Love is naturally the play’s most dominant, and most important theme. The play focuses on the intense love that sprang up at first sight between Romeo, and Juliet despite the endless bloody feud between their families. I prefer to write about love, and hate as a theme because I think the passion between two young lovers who belong to families who hate each other as hell as Tybalt said to Benvolio is very interesting to write about. Firstly, love in Romeo, and Juliet isn’t told in a way that we read in romantic books, it’s not just that simple. It is a brutal, and powerful emotion that captures individuals to fight against the society, the world, and at times, against themselves. Next, the hate between Montagues, and Capulets can be seen by only reading the prologue, so it is deadly, and long feud which no one wants to put an end. In the town square, they fight even in front of Paris’ eyes. So the connection between love, and hate seem obvious in the book, and events progress around these emotions. For example, Tybalt notices that Romeo has come to the feast, and determines to kill him just as Romeo sees Juliet, and falls in love instantly with her. From that point on, love pulls Romeo, and Juliet closer to love. As love grows up between them, hate does too. We read until the scene that Romeo asked for help from Friar Lawrence so we don’t know quite about the events until they commit a suicide. However, as far as I know, Capulet Family wanted Juliet to marry Paris instead of Romeo, so it led to their death. In conclusion, there are very strong two emotions between Montagues, and Capulets, love and hate. The novel portrays the chaos, and passion of being in love, and hate in an impressionistic rush leading to the play’s tragic conclusion.

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mercut1469 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are plenty of good ideas in this essay, but it definitely needs some organization and to be broken up into paragraphs. Also, unless your teacher indicates you can use the first person I in your essay, eliminate it. The first three sentences seem fine for an introduction though I've made a few edits:

First of all, Romeo and Juliet is possibly the most famous love story in English literature. Love is naturally the play’s dominant theme. The play focuses on the intense love that springs up between Romeo and Juliet despite the bloody feud between their families.

Following these sentences you need another introductory type sentence about hate. It's always good to insert actual quotes from the play to back up your points and there are numerous possibilities—maybe use the quote about "hell" involving Tybalt and Benvolio. Then you need a strong thesis statement indicating that the point of your essay is about how the opposites of love and hate fill the play.

You probably need at least two body paragraphs for your essay. You have the choice of two directions in this. Each paragraph could deal with a different topic. For example, the first body paragraph could be about the secret love between Romeo and Juliet. The second paragraph would then be about the hatred between the families. Make sure to use specific scenes from the play to provide evidence. Direct quotes are important as well. Or your body paragraphs could combine the two themes and juxtapose an example of love with an example of hate.

So, in your first body paragraph make sure to provide a topic sentence which tells what the paragraph will be about. I've lifted a sentence from your essay and provided editing to give an example of a possible topic sentence for the paragraph on hate:

The hate between the Montagues and Capulets is deadly, long standing and it seems neither side is willing to put it to an end.

Then give examples of this hate (the fight in Act I, Scene 1 or when Tybalt becomes enraged at seeing Romeo at the party). Also make sure you provide your opinion about those examples. For instance, you might indicate that the feud is immature or childish (especially the "thumb biting" episode in Act I, Scene 1). Provide at least two examples of hatred in the play and your opinion about those examples. 

Do basically the same thing in your second paragraph. Write a good topic sentence, provide examples of love in the play (Romeo and Juliet first meeting, the balcony scene, their wedding) and then give your opinion about those examples, such as "Juliet's beauty overwhelms Romeo and he seems to instantly forget Rosaline as he compares Juliet to a bright light and a jewel in Act III, Scene 5 when he first sees her."

For your conclusion, I have edited your last two sentences. Two sentences, however, do not make a good conclusion, so you'll need more:

In conclusion, there are two very strong emotions in the play, love and hate. The play portrays the chaos and passion of being in love and how hatred can make that love difficult.

Your essay should be four or five paragraphs and make sure that each of your paragraphs has 5-8 sentences or more. Don't forget the thesis statement should be the last sentence in the introduction and that each body paragraph needs a good topic sentence.