Essay HelpAnyone have thoughts on the following topic for essay help?  Thanks! "A dying monarchy is always one that has too much power, not little."

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If this idea is primarily connected to the British monarchy then it would be worthwhile considering the idea of power to include the effect on Commonwealth nations and the influence held by the monarchy operating at a physical distance. This can have as much, if not more, relevance with regard to being 'dying' in terms of political control. 

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I took this quote to mean that too much power was the beginning of the end. Whether it is a monarchy or government with too much power there is only one way to go, down. Whether this come from rebellious "peasants" or simply from the governments own greed.

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You have some excellent contributions, but as I was reading, I thought more of the word "tyranny" than "monarchy."  Think of rulers such as Hitler, Stalin, Hussein (ms?).  Their rule was not as long (although some would say they were way too long for all the horror they caused) as they would have liked because someone stepped in, people rebelled, they were overthrown due to moral issues, human rights issues, or just dissatisfied people.  They same happened with Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette. 

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Just considering solely on the basis of the quote, I think it will make a strong thesis. It brings to mind the quote "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." Perhaps the validity behind your quote is that if one has too much power, he or she might have a tendency to stop trying to meet the needs of the people whom they represent.

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The pattern of political revolutions supports the idea. (I'm thinking of the French and Russian revolutions, especially.) Those monarchies fell when their rulers' political power and wealth (another kind of power) were so great that they were completely disconnected from those they governed. Their great power isolated them and made them vulnerable to being overthrown.

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I agree.  It stands to reason that someone who is about to lose power is going to fight harder to keep it than he probably fought to get it.  Think of anyone who is in a desperate situation (and that's exactly what it is for a leader who has had power and is about to be unseated), and you'll know they fight to get out of it. This is an interesting idea, and I'm sure you'll get lots of interesting ideas for your paper.

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Very interesting essay title! My immediate thoughts are to a similar situation, but not a monarchy. You could talk about the last few months of an American president's rule, especially if it is in their second term. As they know they are not going to be re-elected, they are free to do whatever they want, as they know they are going to "lose" either way. I guess if a monarchy or a system of government is dying, with no hope of reprieve, the monarch is going to become desperate and act unreasonably without due reserve or logic, making that monarch very dangerous.

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If by "too much power" we mean more power than the monarchy deserves, the perhaps the saying is partly true. A monarch that uses his or her power inappropriately, tends to evoke the opposition of his subjects. That makes him or her an easy target of overthrow by revolution, or by some other person. However, History is full of examples of monarchs who were very popular popular among their subjects, and also very powerful. We can say that such monarchs really deserved the power they enjoyed. In such cases the monarchy is very much a thriving, rather than a dying, one.

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actually it was my topic) she (brandih) just help me through twitter. this topic should be connected with british monarchy. i've already done it. if smb is interested in, i can send it. i have partly used your ideas, so tank you all)