Please help me write a 350-500 word essay on the topic of "Community-Based Policing" using APA format.

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Your first task in writing an essay on community-based policing is deciding what sort of an essay you are writing. If it is an argumentative essay, you need to decide whether you support community-based policing or oppose it. For a research essay, you would need to research some aspect of community-based policy and summarize your findings. You could also write a compare and contrast essay in which you compare community-based policing with other types of policing.

In your introduction, you need to articulate your thesis, and also define community-based policing and how it differs from other models. You next might want to describe how and why this form of policing arose, and what makes it effective and the potential problems with it. The main body of your essay should support your thesis with evidence from authoritative sources such as peer-reviewed journals or .gov or .edu websites. 

APA formatting uses a combination of in-text citations including the author name, date, and page number and a works cited list. See the references below for more detailed descriptions of APA format.

immy786 | Student

to start off decide whats it about then continue explaining and backing the main reason which you start off with. such as some research on the topic and then find one out of the many topics which show up then you find your argument and state that and support it then a conclusion .