What is a good organizational strategy for an essay on bad condition of roads?

Expert Answers
wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first step is to establish an arguable point of view, stated in a thesis sentence.  For example “The conditions of roads in India are negatively affecting India’s commercial progress in the 21st century”, or “What used to be a problem in India – bad roads between villages – is now the only hope for maintaining distinct social clusters in this rapidly expanding economy” or “Unless more money is spent improving the roads in India, the country will always have to rely on its 19th century railroad system.”  Then, find three or more distinct areas around which to build your argument, both positive and negative, and after an introductory paragraph in which you make your point of view clear, build paragraphs, one for each argument point, with clear topic sentences in each.  A final paragraph summing up those arguments, together with a restatement of your thesis, should round your argument out.