the erik fisher football dream what can you infer is the ultimate goal for they year and for erik's life?What can be inferred about the Fishers' football dream for their son Erik and his life?

Expert Answers
anthonda49 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Fisher parents have big dreams for their son Erik. With his skills, he could win a football scholarship and play in the big leagues. At least Dad and Erik are convinced of that. Erik is so pampered and spoiled that Paul and his athletic skills are overlooked. Neither parent wants to admit that Erik might be talented athletically, but morally, he is stunted. While Paul, virtually alone with little support, makes a niche for himself in the middle school soccer world, Erik is out with questionable friends committing criminal acts. Both parents are blinded by their older son's possible future stardom. This is basically a middle class story of every middle class dad with a son who is in athletics. The world exists only for the child who might, but probably won't, have a stellar future. Beware parents with only one vision for their child.