Eric Jason Greene's Q: i need help i dont know what half of these words meen
  • this is for english
  • Speaker
  • line
  • ryhme
  • end ryhme
  • assonance
  • imagery
  • theme
  • stanza
  • internal ryhme
  • allusion
  • motif
  • narrative poetry, lyrical poetry, dynamic poetry
  • Expert Answers

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    speaker=The speaker of a poem is the narrator. Do not assume the author is the narrator. The narrator is more than likely a character created by the author.

    line=the line of writing in a poem

    rhyme=words with the same sound

    end rhyme=rhyming at the end of a line

    assonance=the repetition of vowel sounds in words near each other

    imagery=a literary device used to “show” the reader rather than tell

    theme=what the author wants the reader to learn about life, human nature, and etc. from the writing

    stanza=grouped lines in a poem

    internal rhyme=rhyme within the line of poetry

    allusion=a reference to something in the literature that the author assumes the reader will understand

    motif-typically a repeating element or dominant idea of the central theme

    narrative poetry-poetry told more like a story with a plot but in a poem form

    lyrical poetry-does not tell a story it is more a relation of the speaker addressing the audience with regard to personal feelings or emotions



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