If Erasmus were writing today, what would be his most likely targets of satire?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Erasmus would find a suitable topic in today's treatment of religions as he did in the publication of The Praise of Folly.  I don't see this as something that has changed that much.  Just as he recognized the problems with the institution of Catholicism at the time, I think that he would see religious institutions suffering from the same challenges today.  The targets of false faith, a lack of earnest and authentic worship in both penitents and those in the position of institutional power are applicable today.  Erasmus might broaden his perspective to speak about the different challenges in religious faith and religious orthodoxy today, but the targets are still the same. Erasmus' disappointment with the gulf between religious orders and the needs of its people was evident in his time, as seen with his rejection of advancement in the curia.  This is something that is evident today as religious orders are in the midst of struggling to create a stronger bridge between its followers and the religious order.  This is another area in which Erasmus would find a modern connection with his writing.  Seeing that Erasmus placed so much in belief of religion, I sense that this is something that he would examine today and find that many of the same problems which were present then in his writing are still applicable now, making his targets of then and now very similar.

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