The equation of a line L is y= -3x - 1/4. Find the coordinates of the point of intersection of L with the x-axis.

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We have to find the point of intersection of the line L which has an equation y= -3x - 1/4 with the x-axis.

On the x-axis the y coordinate is 0

Solving 0 = -3x - 1/4

=> 3x = -1/4

=> x = -1/12

The required point at which the line intersects the x-axis is (-1/12, 0)

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The co-ordinate of y is always 0 at the point of intersection with any line with x-axis.


The x-axis and y-axis are perpendicular to each other and meet at point (0,0) which makes the equation of line for x-axis as y=0 and equation of line for y-axis as x=0.


we wish to find the point of intersection of 2 lines:-

1)      Line L :  y=-3x-1/4 &

2)      X axis :  y=0

To find the point of intersection, let us put the value of equation 2 in equation 1,

We get

  • 0=-3x-1/4
  • 3x=-1/4
  • X=-1/12

Now we have the value of both x and y at the point of intersection

Ans: -

The co-ordinates of point of intersection of line L with x-axis is (-1/12,0)

Feel free to ask if you any doubt in explanation.