In Anthem, Equality laments that people were enslaved by God, kings, birth, kin, and race. What are historical examples of this?

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tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Some might argue that man was enslaved by God through the commandments he placed on man in the Christian Bible. The Ten Commandments could be seen as a device through which controlling man was used quite often. If a person didn't obey the commandments and be a good person, then they would go to hell. Enslavement by kings can be pin-pointed to any number of kingdoms throughout history where peasants or serfs worked for landlords, noblemen or kings in order to live on the land. Being enslaved by kin, or family, makes me think of people with mental or physical disabilities who were once kept in basements and out of the public eye. Or you could look at the fact that there are parents in India, for example, who sell their children to slavers. Then, enslavement by race has been all over the world at different times throughout history. The most famous enslavement by race is right here in America's southern states in the years preceding the Civil War (1861-1865).