In "The Red Convertible," explain the following quote: "We owned it together until his boots filled with water on a windy night and he bought out my share."

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As previously mentioned, Eldrich's statement presages the ending of her story, hooking readers and leading them through the narrative.

After Lyman's restaurant burns and he receives his insurance money, he and his brother Henry go to Winnipeg where they discover the red convertible:

There it was, parked, large as life. Really as if it were alive. I thought of the word, repose

The brothers purchase the car and decide to take a road trip. So, they drive all the way to Alaska, and they thoroughly enjoy themselves. In Alaska, Lyman explains, "You never feel like you have to sleep hard or put away the world."

Unfortunately, when the brothers return home, it is just in time "for the army to remember Henry had signed up to join it." During Henry's absence, Lyman works on the red car that seems to him to really just belong to Henry. By the time Henry returns home, the red convertible is in almost perfect shape. But Henry is not. He sits in front of the color television that Lyman has purchased,...

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