Eplain in detail how artificial sweeteners impact society. (jobs generated/lost, necessity of product, health effects, etc.)

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Artificial sweeteners (or sugar substitute) are synthetic compounds that acts as food additive which duplicate/increase the effect of sugar in taste. They actually increase the sweetness from hundreds to thousand fold compared to sugar that attracts investors because it is cost effective. 

Since it is cost effective, production of artificial sweeteners will increase thus creating more jobs and opportunities in that area. On the other side, the production of natural sweeteners will suffer. Since artificial sweeteners are so sweet that even a very small amount can sweeten any food, packaging will decrease and more instant foods can be manufactured. Artificial sweeteners prose danger in areas of human health such that of diet research, cancer risk, tumor production and immune diseases. Further studies regarding this area are being studied. Consequently, the usage of artificial sweeteners prose an issue regarding its impact on the environment. If an artificial sweetener is sent to waste water, bacteria can consume it thus producing toxic substances that can affect the living organisms.


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