In Episode 2 of Oedipus Rex, what is a moment where Creon identifies Oedipus' tragic flaw?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After learning the terrible truth that he is responsible for the miseries brought upon Thebes, in his anger and self-repulsion, Oedipus blinds himself, and as a servant reports,

He wants to cast himself from the land and not(1320)
stay at home accursed with his own curses.

In his pride, Oedipus would rather not see his family, and if he could, he would deafen himself, as well.

...I’d be blind and hear nothing, for to live(1410)
outside comprehension of these woes would be sweet

for my evils are(1435)
such that no one of men can bear but me

When Creon enters Oedipus accuses his brother-in-law of coming to mock him or take advantage of him; however, this is not the case. Instead, Creon treats Oedipus kindly, telling him he should "bear faith to the god" and not be so arrogant as to act on his own. Here, Creon learns that Oedipus, now physically blind, has become literally what he has symbolically always been: blind to the world outside his mind, and limited as a human in the complex world of outside forces and others that often is inscrutable.