For Epicureans, what is their concept of theory of ethics?Epicurus states that in everything of our lives it must be in a moderate way of living.

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To an Epicurean, good is defined as the pursuit of pleasure, defined in its classical formulation as intellectual more than carnal pleasures. So an Epicurean ethics says that behaviors that bring about the most pleasure are good and ethical. But there are two important caveats to this statement. Epicurus himself believed that the most pleasure could be derived from  also another, more social component to Epicureanism. Epicurus himself believed that true happiness came when one attained a balanced existence, and part of this balance was recognizing that part of pleasure was human relations, particularly friendship. So there was a strong social component to what appears to be a very individualistic society. Another caveat is that since gaining pleasure was equated with good, denying pleasure or causing pain to others was unethical. So authentic pleasure for one, could not, by definition, be something that caused pain to another. 


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