Epictetus is attending a funeral for his closest and most sincere student, Arrian. Arrian had been a student of Epictetus in his youth and his sudden death is a shock to everyone. At the funeral, Epictetus, is, of course, unperturbed. Arrian's mother is upset at Epictetus for his lack of emotions and begins berating Epictetus for being so stone faced. After listening to Arrian's mother until she finished, Epictetus responds to her, not only about her berating him, but about why his response to Arrian's death is appropriate. Please give both arguments as Epictetus would have given them—be complete.

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Epictetus, the Greek philosopher who lived in the first- and second centuries, is most well-known for his philosophy of Stoicism. Epictetus would likely have expressed little sympathy for anyone who made an emotional outburst, even a grieving mother. A Stoic approach would advocate individual, internal control over one’s emotions and avoidance of external display of the emotions that one did have. One could not escape fate and should...

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