In Environmental Bio, Chapter 4, Pg 105.....Describe how animals and angiosperms depend on each other.

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There is a definite relationship between angiosperms or flowering plants and animals. A very simple one is that of herbivore and producer. An angiosperm produces flowers, fruits and seeds. Its leaves, stems and roots may be eaten as well. Therefore, if an animal is an herbivore, the angiosperm, an autotroph, is producing food that the animal can consume. However, the population of the herbivore depends on the carrying capacity of the producer. If large amounts of angiosperms are consumed, this will it turn, affect the size of the population of herbivorous animals. Once their population is low, the plant population will recover, and the herbivores will increase. There is a definite relationship between the two.  Sometimes, when an animal consumes a fruit, the seeds inside may avoid digestion and become ejected in the feces. This provides an environment with nutrients for the germination of the angiosperm's seeds. Therefore, an animal inadvertently may aid the angiosperm with its seed dispersal, perhaps over a long distance.

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