Jean Rhys: Life and Work Questions and Answers
by Carole Angier

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Does eNotes have a study guide for After Leaving Mr. Mackenzie?

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There is not an eNotes study guide dedicated to Jean Rhys’s 1930 novel, After Leaving Mr. Mackenzie. There are two related guides that may provide some helpful information. One is a study guide for a critical biography of the author by Carole Angier. The other is the study guide for “Jean Rhys,” which has headings for “Critical Essays” and “Analysis.” Under “Critical Essays,” the subheading “Jean Rhys World Literature Analysis” contains a paragraph summarizing After Leaving Mr. Mackenzie. In the other subheadings for “Rhys, Jean,” those for Vol. 124 and 4 include discussion of the novel. The Vol. 4 entry includes an excerpt from an essay about After Leaving Mr. Mackenzie by Michael Cooke in The Yale Review, Summer, 1972, pp. 607–09; the full article could prove useful.

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