English in Math. Question belowDee Septor, the famous magician, said he could put a bottle in the centre of a room and crawl into it. How?

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Or if the bottle was exceptionally large with an opening big enough for a human to enter, it would also satisfy the mystery. For example, the World's Largest Catsup Bottle is 170 feet high and certainly large enough for even the world's largest magician to crawl into.

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I suppose that the second post is correct to suggest that the "it" being crawled into is the center of the room, not the bottle. 

A clever piece of wordplay!

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There is also the metaphorical expression that a person can "crawl into a bottle." It literally means that they are drinking themselves to drunk from the alcohol in the bottle. If you crawl into the bottle, you are probably going to be too drunk to "crawl out" of it sober. It would imply that you consumed it all.

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It sounds like a play on words or on the idea of an unclear antecedent.  It's meant to make it sound as if "it" refers to the bottle.  But "it" could just as well refer to the room.  So maybe he's really saying he can crawl into the room.

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A play on words! Have a read;

Put a bottle in the centre of a room and crawl into it.

Okay, so what? He can put a bottle in the centre of a room, then he can crawl into the room. This magician is very ... interesting.

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Nice try.

Answer: Dee Septor put a bottle in the centre of a room, and went into another room. He then got on his hands and knees and crawledinto the room where the bottle was. IT referred to the room!!!!