I need at least 3 likely essays on Othello and 3 likely essays on Animal Farm which may appear in the matric exam.

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3 potential essay topics for Othello:

  1. Analyze the role of race in the play.
  2. Explore the theme of deceit.
  3. Compare and contrast the female characters.

3 potential essay topics for Animal Farm:

  1. Describe the development of social hierarchies among the animals and explain how these hierarchies compare to those of humans.
  2. Compare and contrast Napoleon and Snowball.
  3. Select a human tyrant from history or literature and compare this person to Napoleon.

Good luck on your exam!

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Do you mean predominent themes which could very well show up on your exam? Here are the main ones which come to mind (but it's only a speculation):

Othello:  portrayal of prejudice, racial or sexist, as revealed in both major and minor characters/ symbolic reversal of black and white/ imposture and deceit, primarily portrayed in the character of Iago/ Othello's rashness and jealousy as part of his tragic flaw (supposition)

Animal Farm:  The story as an analogy to the Russian Revolution, with Napoleon and Snowball in the roles of Stalin and Trotsky/ the degradation of the community from an ideal to a dystopia/ propaganda and political repression in the story line/ expansion of no. 1 rule 'all animals are equal but some are more equal than other' throughout the story line (giving supporting evidence).