ENGLISH honours.... preparation....  i'm in 12th and want to do english honors...... wat renowned colleges r der for english honors?..... and wat do i do to prepare for it as of now??... and what...

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My first suggestion would be for you to start practicing proper written English at all times. Very few English teachers will allow their students to turn in assignments written in the abbreviated "text messaging" style in which you posted your question. Good luck with Honors English in the fall. 

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If you are enrolled in honors classes and doing well, you should be sure to apply for scholarships.  Of course, you will want to have an idea (as previous posters pointed out) where you would like to attend school, what you want to study, how much you are able to spend, where you are able to get scholarships and/or financial aid, and what your ultimate goal in a career is.  As long as you are reading, writing, making connections as you do both of these things, and continue to practice and improve, you should do just fine.  Check with your school guidance counselor for options we have not thought of here on this site.  Good Luck!

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Another important factor is geography--where you are and are not willing or able to attend school. There are many fine English programs all over the world, so once you know more clearly what you want to study you can begin to narrow those down by geography. As for what you should be doing now, I would say read, read, read. Read the classics and the more modern works as suggested by the reading lists which most colleges provide. Even if the list is not from a college you end up choosing, the works are probably good choices for any college. Best of luck in your pursuit!

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What career are you aiming for? This is the most important question. If you are in 12th grade, you are a little behind in determining what school you plan to attend so I suggest you make good use of the summer. Do some research on colleges nearby and take tours. Look at the credentials and publications of the English department.

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