English colonists and fur traders moved to the Ohio Valley. How did this cause a conflict and what effects did it have?

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When English colonists and fur traders moved into the Ohio Valley, this caused a huge conflict and had significant consequences.  Since the French were already in this area, they were profiting from the lucrative fur trade.  They had established good relationships with many Native American tribes. When the British showed up in the area, the French felt threatened.  They were worried the British would take away some of their profitable fur trade. They were also concerned the British would try to take land away from them.  As a result, this threat eventually led to war between the British and the French. This conflict was called the French and Indian War. It lasted from 1756-1763. France and most Native American tribes fought against the British and a few Native American tribes. The result of this war was significant. The French were defeated and ended up giving almost all of their land east of the Mississippi  River to the British.  This defeat allowed Britain to take over the land and rule what is now the eastern part of United States and Canada.  If the French had won, the United States might have had a very different history. The British movement into the Ohio Valley was significant for many reasons.

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