For english class, I have to make my own note on MLA format. How do you describe the appearance of an MLA style paper in words?

Expert Answers
amymc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

MLA seeks to create a paper that has no visible barriers or impediments to reading.  Sometimes, other styles demand longer in-text citations which can interrupt the reader or force the reader to refer to an end note page for explanation.  MLA allows the writer to provide minimal interruptions with parenthetical citations which initially contains the author's last name only and the page number from which the information is drawn.  When that same author is used again, only the page number is necessary.  Thus, the paper looks more like prose text than data.

Some older styles dictate that notes be placed at the bottom of each page.  MLA style keeps the margins of the page for the essay itself.  All citations are on one page at the back of the essay.  This page is also consistent in appearance.  It is completely double spaced with the first line of each entry left-justified and the subsequent lines of that same entry indented.