eng 112What information do you need in order to write an effective argumentative/persuasive essay?

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The most important thing you need for a good argumentative essay is a strong thesis.  Once you have a very strong, supportable, point, the second most important thing you need is strong arguments, backed by evidence.

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#4 makes a very crucial point in any argumentative/persuasive essay. The best arguments are ones that anticipate arguments against them and counter them in the delivery of those arguments. Therefore you must spend time thinking of counter-arguments to what you are trying to state and then answer those counter-arguments as part of your persuasive essay. You might also want to think about how you can use a variety of rhetorical strategies to aid you in your essay, such as rhetorical questions etc.

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I agree with the previous posts, but the idea of a Rogerian strategy approach is a stellar one.  It is always important to ensure that you can anticipate a potential argument against your points.  Finding a way to integrate these points into your own paper will strengthen your original argument and make your paper much stronger.  It is difficult to do effectively, but it is a practice that will make your paper reflect more thought, deeper analysis, and render a more compelling overall argument.

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The most important information that you need is the requirements that your teacher has outlined for you if they have told you previously what they expect.

After that, you need information that would support your thesis, such as quotes, statistics, other forms of evidence. And, if you are using a Rogerian strategy, counter claims to evidence for the opposition.

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The actual information needed will depend very much on the subject of the essay and stand taken by you. that is what views you are supporting or opposing. When have clarity on the subject and your stand, you can look for the following kind of information:

  1. Facts and figures relating to the subject, particularly the ones that support your stand. For example, if you are writing an essay in which you want to persuade the reader that art and literature flourished during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, you will need to collect general information about reign of Queen Elizabeth I, plus specific information on state of art and literature. In particular you will look for information that illustrate and prove your point.
  2. Information that help you to establish logically the correctness of your your point.
  3. Information on works of other experts who support your arguments.

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