Energy drinks and side effectsEnergy drinks and side effects.

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I read that energy drinks can make younger children tired. They also can become dependent on caffeine at a young age. It used to be people did not let children drink coffee. What happened to common sense? They are also terribly high in sugar.
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Energy drinks are a way of controlling one's body to experience an "enhanced vitality." I believe that they are not good under normal circumstances. "Moderation in all things" is the advice doctors and researchers share with everything that the body consumes (except, perhaps, smoking). Energy drinks, like coffee or sodas with caffeine, keep you awake, but they can also cause side effects for some people, including lightheadedness and shaking. Eventually, like a car engine, speeding along for an extended period of time will have an effect on one's health, even if only from a lack of sleep or rest. Sleeping and/or resting gives the body a chance to relax, repair and rebuild. It is natural for the body. Consuming large quantities of caffeine is not natural, and the body will refuse to cooperate if it is not cared for. It's a scientific fact. If you're tempted to use them or are using them, it would be beneficial to talk with your doctor before you cause your body damage. They may seem harmless, but without speaking to someone who knows, YOU won't know. And what could be worse than causing permanent damage to your body somehow? It may seem like an alarmist statement, but I can remember these words from childhood: "It all seems harmless till someone gets hurt." Don't let it be you.

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Energy drinks contain caffeine which is a stimulant. Too many kids are drinking these without considering side effects on the heart and nervous system. Sometimes additives are included which are nutrients and not regulated by the FDA because they are not considered drugs. These may not have been tested properly. They should be consumed with caution.

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Energy drinks, when consumed in excess, can be dangerous to one's heart.  This is because they have so much caffeine in them.  They are said to be able to cause things like heart palpitations and even cardiac arrest.  Energy drinks are also very dangerous when consumed with alcohol.  This combination has led to some deaths in the US.

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nothing is good when taken in excess. but energy dirnks are known for being bad and strongly do not think that they should be accessible to the young generation. especially with the ads on TV they make them seem beneficial and a must have for athletes which is NOT true.

a few of its side effects could include:

  1. addiction.
  2. the ingredients used in them are powerful enough to affect your system & body.
  3. Ingredients used in these drinks can affect your heartbeat and blood pressure.
  4. while doing exercise the caffeine in the energy drink can leave a dehydrating effect on your body.
  5. The diet options ofcourse, contain aspartame which is famous for its side effects.
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Energy drinks should be consumed only in special situations and should not be drunk instead of water.

Regular consume of energy drinks lead to the development of cardiovascular diseases. For instance, just about an hour after the energy drink was consumed, the blood system is not working properly, but it behaves like the blood system of a person suffering from a cardiovascular disease.

Compared to coffee, energy drinks are more harmful because of the other artificial ingredients that give you the energy input.