In "Ender's Game", what happens in the final battle?  

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Agh!  I can't tell you that!  I tried, but it was just too hard to give it away just like that, poof, causing you to miss out on reading one of the coolest endings of any book I've read!  So, if you haven't finished the battle scene yet, please, please do.  It doesn't take long, just skim it.  The ending is one of those that is definitely worth the time and effort to read.  Let's just say that Ender takes his game-playing up a notch, and it has SUPER big results.  He is VERY successful, more than he could have ever possibly imagined.  He becomes an instant hero, and that's all I will say about that.

If you are bound and determined to just know what happened, in general, without reading it, I have provided a link below to the summary of the book.  Go, read it there, and that way I can beg innocence.  Inside, I will cry a little bit that you didn't actually read it for yourself, but, that's okay.  At least you will be getting your information from eNotes, and not somewhere else.  *sigh*  Just know, I'm still rooting for the "read it on your own" option....

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