What disturbs Ender about Eros? How does Ender figure out the truth about Eros?

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Ender is disturbed by the lower gravity, the downward slope of all the rooms and halls, and the tunnel-like feeling of Eros. Everyone lives underground because the surface is devoted to collecting and converting sunlight to solar energy. Author Orson Scott Card says, "There was...something disturbing about the proportions of the rooms -- the ceilings were too low for the width, the tunnels too narrow. It was not a comfortable place" (Ch. 14). It does not feel like it was built for humans. Later on in this chapter, Ender's teacher, Mazer Rackham, tells him many details and secrets about the Buggers, their enemy. They are, like their name, similar to bugs, especially bees and ants. They elect a queen and carve out "hives" or tunnel systems. Mazer tells Ender that Eros is proportionally strange because it was a Bugger colony. He says "They carved this place out before we even knew they were here. We're living in a bugger hive" (Ch. 14). This is how Ender discovers the truth about Eros.

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