In Ender's Game, how would you describe Ender's launch group in chapter 6 and platoon in chapter 7?

Expert Answers
Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would describe the members of Ender's launch group as true newbies with leaders emerging who inspire unity.  Chapter 6 is about the launch group's first attempt to try battle without gravity and the boys struggle with how to fight under those conditions.  After lots of floating around, Alai and Ender realize their suits can be frozen.  This helps the two win the battle.  Bernard drifts from leadership while Alai and Ender drift toward leadership.  This unites the launch group.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), Ender is promoted at the end of the chapter.  

I would describe Ender's platoon in chapter seven as divided because of poor leadership.  The platoon leader, Bonzo, tries to have his platoon win battles, but has it out for Ender from the beginning.  Bonzo makes Ender sit on the sidelines where Ender can analyze Bonzo's poor leadership.  Eventually, Ender disobeys an order and shoots enemy soldiers from the sidelines in order to help his platoon.  This allows the platoon to win one particular battle.  The platoon is plagued with the poor leadership of Bonzo; however, this situation helps to prove Ender's potential.