In the end, was his solution the best choice?Question on Resolution

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I assume, from your last question, that you are talking about the way in which the sniper tricked his enemy.  If so, I think that it probably was his best choice.

The reason for this is that the sniper was pretty badly wounded already.  Because of that, he had to get rid of the enemy sniper rather quickly.  He could not afford to, for example, hang around until night and then try to escape.  So what else was he supposed to do?

He was hurt badly and the enemy sniper was quite good.  So he wasn't going to be able to win by outrunning the enemy or doing anything like that which required agility.  So tricking the enemy seems like a good idea and he managed to make it work.

The whole deal of trying to hit your enemy from 50 yards with a pistol seems like a pretty big risk, but I don't see that he had much choice.