In the end of the story "Sonny's Blues", Sonny's brother describes his music.  Is he effective? 

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sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The description at the end of the passage in incredibly effective.  Baldwin makes the music come alive and become a character of its own, thus enhancing Sonny's experience.  This is done through the literary technique of personification.  Baldwin gives the music human characteristics, specifically that of speech, in order to make it more alive and more important to the story:

The dry, low, black man said something awful on the drums, Creole answered, and the drums talked back. Then the horn insisted, ... and Creole listened, commenting now and then. Then they all came together again, and Sonny was part of the family again.

The drums talked and the horn insisted - these are human traits.  The communication between these instruments is what makes Sonny "part of the family again."

The mood of the music comes through in the description and personification, and the readers are able to understand - as Sonny's brother finally does - that Sonny has suffered and the music is a release of that suffering.

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