At the end of The Miracle Worker, Annie descibes herself to Helen as "teacher."  Based on experiences with Annie, how would Helen define "teacher"?"

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Helen would define "teacher" as someone who understands the nature of change within life.  Helen recognizes Annie as a teacher because Annie never quits in her desire to create the possibilities for Helen.  In Act III, we see Helen revert back to her oppositional ways with the water pitcher.  Yet, Helen understands that her "teacher" does not acquiesce.  She keeps fighting for her "miracle" moment.  Helen recognizes this in Annie, which is why her definition of "teacher" would have to be one who recognizes the power of the moment where change happens.  This is not only evident in the dynamic of Annie and Helen.  James has changed, as well, in Act III, allowing Annie to do what she needs to and even standing up to the Captain, who stands impressed with the stand of his son.  This is where the definition of "teacher" would be most evident in that Annie has created the conditions of change in more than just she and Helen.  The power of the spirit of life change that has been inspired by the "teacher" has impacted more than just student and teacher.  It is here where I think that Helen would define "teacher" as one who creates the conditions where change into what can be is possible in tapping into the essence of life.   This notion of what a teacher is represents something that Helen and Annie comes to see as representing the possibilities of education "forever and ever."

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