Faust Questions and Answers
by Johann Goethe

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In Goethe's Faust, at the end of Part I, Gretchen awaits her execution. How has she been implicated in the deaths of her mother, brother, and baby?

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At the end of Part I of Goethe's Faust, Gretchen is in prison waiting to be executed.

When [Faust] first meets her, [he] is rebuffed by Gretchen on the street. Mephisto cannot help because she is pure and innocent, so Faust sets off to win her himself.

After meeting Margaret (Gretchen) in Act VII, Faust decides he will seduce her on her own even though she has been to this point, a good and decent woman.

[Gretchen] is a paragon of idealism, purity, and innocence that is corrupted by Faust’s lust. Her virtue gives her an intrinsic aversion to Mephisto, but does not save her from Faust’s desires.

Faust uses jewelry, and the assistance of a neighbor, Martha, to win Gretchen over. She...

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