The end of Jane Eyre is complex and troubling and suggests a corresponding variety of critical interpretations. What do you think about the ending?

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While the ending of Jane Eyre is a little too contrived, is this contrivance not typical of Victorian novels?  Certainly, Dickens's use of dopplegangers and coincidences as well as his excessive repetitions and stylistic decoration were excused by his avid readers. Readers must be careful to not judge works solely by contemporary standards, for styles change.  After all, authors do try to sell their novels, and what is the trend in literature must be taken into consideration. 

One consideration of Jane Eyre is perhaps, the symbolism of eyesight that the reader must consider rather than its credibility.  For, Jane's visual imagination is what attracts Mr. Rochester and reveals her singular intelligence to him.  Also symbolic is Bertha's blinded eyes and Rochester's temporary blinding that give great significance to the role of sight in Bronte's novel.


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