At the end of Chapter 4 of "Lord of the Flies," how is Jack using the pig meat?

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Jack is using the pig meat as a way to manipulate the boys and gain power. At first, he refuses to give Piggy, who has kept up his criticism of Jack, any meat. When Piggy asks for some, he says Piggy didn't hunt. Piggy points out the neither did Simon or Ralph and Simon, sensing Jack's game, gives Piggy some of his meat. Jack, angry at Simon’s empathy, hacks off more meat and orders Simon to eat it. He turns to the others and angrily tells them, “I got you meat,” and orders them to eat. The ensuing silence embodies the boys’ fear of and respect for Jack. Then Jack tells the boys how he cut the throat of the pig. The boys begin chanting "Kill the pig... " Thus, the politics of the island are changing as Jack is gaining more respect and with it, power. Ralph, who is envious and resentful of Jack's growing power, decides to call a meeting.

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Jack does not hold up to the responsibility of maintaining the fire, yet he returns accompanied with songs of his fellow hunters as if to be in triumph. He carries the kill of the pig and 'his' followers sing and chant drowning out Ralph's argument to hold Jack accountable for the fire. Jack will not confront Ralph here, however when Piggy voices his criticisms towards Jack's irresponsibility, Jack decides to use the pig meat as a devise of power. He deprives Piggy of food because Piggy voiced his opinion against him. Jack also physically lashes out at Piggy. The question is why? The answer...intelligence can be a threat, especially to those who would rather monopolize their power by fear.