At the end of Ch.15, what change do we see in Kit's attitude toward her uncle?

Expert Answers
missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For the majority of the book, Kit has the utmost distaste for her uncle because he is hard and boring. She finds herself frustrated with him until she learns in about chapter 9 that he has always has need for a son, yet lost two. So that softens her some. By the end of chapter 15, Kit reflects on her uncle and the thoughts come through in the story's narration:

Tonight she had understood for the first time what her aunt had seen in that fierce man to make her cross an ocean at his side. There was a sort of magnificance about him... Lying there in the dark, Kit had to admit it she was proud of him.

Kit had seen her uncle act in rebellion to the King and that inspired her. She had seen her uncle so committed to this way of the Puritan for the majority of the book, but this rebellion was new from him, and attractive.