Lord Of The Flies Ending

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The boy with the mulberry birthmark dies at the beginning of the novel when the original fire gets out of control. It is assumed that he was burned in the fire. In addition, Simon and Piggy are also killed, not by accident, but deliberately. Simon is mistaken for "the beast" while the boys engage in a frenzied dance and Piggy is killed in cold blood when Roger loosens a rock from a cliff and lets the rock fall on Piggy.

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There are actually only two characters who die in this book and, therefore, do not make it off of the island when the boys are rescued at the end.  Simon dies in Chapter 9 when he runs out of the forest and the boys attack, beat, and trample him because they think that he is the beast coming from out of the forest.  The only other character to die is Piggy in Chapter 11 when Roger pushes a gigantic rock off of the side of the cliff when Piggy is trying to get his glasses back from Jack and his tribe, who had stolen them the day before. 

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1) the littlun with the "mulberry-coloured birthmark", who died at the end of chapter two ("Fire on the Mountain")

2) Simon, who is killed by the rest of the boys upon his return from the top of the mountain, where he had just realized that the "beast" they had seen was a dead paratrooper

3) Piggy, who is killed when Roger drops a boulder on him and he falls into the sea