All My Sons Questions and Answers
by Arthur Miller

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At the end of All My Sons, Joe Keller commits suicide. Has justice been done? Is this an acceptable/satisfying ending?

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The greater question is what is justice?

Is Joe Keller a tragic hero? I don't think so since he is not a man of great stature, not a king or leader or hero, so who is he?  Is Joe a likable guy?  Yes, but he was man who makes a grave error.  He does not accept responsibility for his actions but rather blames his partner.  Is this the action of an honorable man?  I think not.  What Joe is is a human being.  When he is confronted with the truth he justifies his actions.  Everybody who manufactured for the war effort did similar things therefore in his mind he was not guilty and saw no reason why he should have to go to prison.  It was terrible that 21 men died as a result of his decision but it was...

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