At the end of 1984, why does Winston love Big Brother?

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The ending to 1984 is a difficult ending to swallow as a reader. More often than not, I have found that most first time readers rail against the ending. They simply cannot believe that the man that they have been rooting for this entire time has not only given up the fight but embraced the enemy. The final lines of the story are some of the most disappointing lines in all of literature. Winston simply can't love Big Brother, yet he really does.

At this point, a debate can follow. Some readers continue to resist the idea that Winston loves Big Brother. These readers claim that Winston's love is a false love. He has been brainwashed into believing that he loves Big Brother. This is a valid argument, but it is ultimately a pointless argument. If Winston believes that he loves Big Brother, it doesn't matter that he was brainwashed into believing it. For Winston, the feelings of affection for Big Brother are real, regardless of how he happened to come by those feelings.

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