Are employers required to have bulletin boards at the workplace?

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Speaking of the United States legal requirements for workplace bulletin boards: Federal, state and local governments do issue legal guidance, rules, regulations and updates to existing guidance, rules and regulations. Employers are legally bound to display these legally issued posters. New posters and updates to existing posters are reviewed at the start of each fiscal quarter so boards are kept up to date. However, there is no legal requirement on the employer to display these postings on a bulletin board. Yet, where else might an employer post federal, state and local guidance, rules, regulations and updates?

Prior to the 1990s, the only means of posting legally required posters was a physical, on-site bulletin board, so language pertaining to legally required postings specified posting on physical bulletin boards.

Bulletin boards are regulated by Human Resources for standardization requirements. In other words, bulletin boards are taken seriously by employers since they convey legal information relevant to employee rights and jobs or to employer rights and responsibilities. Bulletin boards are required to be in employee common areas (not obscured in a back corner), such as by entrances/exists, time-clocks or elevators.

Now, many employers have electronic bulletin boards that supplement physical bulletin boards while they also continue with location-specific physical bulletin boards. The hyperlink below leads to an example of an electronic bulletin board, which is used for communicating legally required posters, maintained by Boston College.