What would be effective cost cutters for a clothing company known for making high quailty cutting edge designs?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Most of these proposed cost-cutters would not actually help cut costs.  The reason is that many of them would be likely to lead to decreased quality in the product that the firm is making.

For example, eliminating the quality control position would save money, but would end up being bad for the company because more mistakes would be missed.  The same thing would happen if you stopped having linings and might happen if you used cheaper findings (assuming that cheaper would mean lower quality as well).

The ideas in which you try to change fashions might work.  If you could get people to buy into the idea that pants without cuffs or "flood pants" are stylish, you could sell them for the same prices as before even though you'd be using less fabric.  If your clothes will get creased in transit, eliminating ironing would probably be a good deal as well.

The major point here is that you must not sacrifice quality or your cost savings will end up hurting your firm.