The empirical formula of a compound is C6H5O, and the molar mass of of the compound is 280.28 g/mol. Calculate the molecular formula of the compound.

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Atomic mass

`C = 12g/(mol)`

`H = 1g/(mol)`

`O = 16g/(mol)`


Let us say molecular formula is `(C_6H_5O)_n`

So the weight of `(C_6H_5O)_n` molecule is 280.28g/mol

`(12xx6+1xx5+16xx1)xxn = 280.28`

`(93)xxn = 280.28`

         `n = 3.01`

Since n should be a whole number n = 3

so the molecular formula is in the shape of  `(C_6H_5O)_3`   ` `


so the molecular formula is  `C_18H_15O_3`





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