Emily Brontë makes extensive use of pairs in Wuthering Heights. Discuss her use of pairs and the symbolism behind their usage.

Emily Brontë frequently uses pairs to communicate themes in her novel Wuthering Heights. One of the most notable examples of a pair in the book is the setting. The novel takes place in two estates, which are located four miles away from each other. The houses are polar opposites of each other, as are their inhabiting families. This contrast emphasizes a difference in social class.

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The use of pairs is a recurring literary device used by Emily Brontë in Wuthering Heights. The juxtaposition of two things can either call attention to their similarities or emphasize their differences.

The novel is set in two estates: Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. The two houses are separated by a four-mile-long moor.

The word wuthering is used to describe strong winds. True to its name, Wuthering Heights is windy, gloomy, dark, and unwelcoming. The house reflects the unfriendly personalities of those who inhabit it, especially Heathcliff.

In contrast, the weather near Thrushcross Grange is calm. The estate is warm, bright, and inviting. It reflects the kind, lively personalities of the inhabitants: the Linton family.

Bronte presents these two estates to call attention to their differences as well as the differences (in social class) between the families that live in them. The Earnshaws of Wuthering Heights are a working class family, whereas the Lintons are from the upper class.

Stormy weather is common near Wuthering Heights, which reflects the passionate, wild feelings and behaviors of its inhabitants. The estate symbolizes disorder, chaos, and passion.

Thrushcross Grange is a stark contrast to Wuthering Heights. It is much more elegant and well-kept than its neighboring estate. The Lintons are much more calm and reserved in their behaviors than the Earnshaws. Thrushcross Grange represents peace, calmness, and civility.

One of the themes of the novel is the role of social class. The contrast between the two estates and their inhabitants communicates and emphasizes this theme.

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