Is Emilia somewhat responsible for the tragic ending of the play?  

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A tragedy represents a complex combination of individual responsibility, circumstances, and fate or divine predetermination. In Othello, Iago is the person who propels the plot through his manipulation, which is based on his understanding of human motivations and vulnerabilities. Ironically, Iago seems blind to his own fatal flaw of jealousy, both professional and sexual, which has mushroomed into paranoia.

Because Emilia is both Iago’s wife and Desdemona’s maid, she is uniquely positioned to be manipulated by her husband into aiding his plot. Yet Shakespeare gives us no evidence that she intended to harm, much less kill, Desdemona; instead, at the moment of death, she claims her place beside her mistress. As the author also presents Emilia as strong willed, it is also difficult to see how Iago manipulates her without her catching on. Sensitive to his resentments at being passed over, she may have considered it wise to back a plan to improve his status without realizing he had far...

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