Emilia accuses Othello ‘Thou art rash as fire… ignorant as dirt’ How does Shakespeare show that Othello transitions from man to beast? How would I structure my response What topics do i need to address.  

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In order to show that Othello transitions from a man to a beast, one would need to start with Othello's character traits at the beginning of the play.  First, we must prove that Othello has a strong, worthy character.  Then, we can show how his character changes and is taken over by rage.  For instance, look at how his treatment of Desdemona changes.  Othello is initially loving and kind to Desdemona.  He trusts her implicitly.  As Iago pours poison into Othello's mind, we see his behavior start to change.  He becomes distrustful of her.  He twists her words and actions into things she did not mean.  Eventually, Othello becomes cruel and violent towards his bride.  In the quote above, Emilia is accusing Othello of acting quickly out of anger.  She is also accusing him of his failure to see the truth.  Desdemona tells Othello again and again that she is innocent, but Othello will not listen.  His character changes greatly over the course of the play.

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