What is an emerging sector in Indian economy?  

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It might be a bit counter intuitive, but within the past year, the Wall Street Journal has argued that investing into initiatives to help those who are economically marginalized might be a new emerging sector in India.  The logic here argues that the current economic crisis is a worldwide condition that faces a great deal of inertia to change.  It will be something that will have to be waited out and endured.  In the meantime, it is argued that the millions of people who are economically challenged still have purchasing power.  If companies begin to tailor make products and initiatives towards this group of people, it might represent an internal growth market that could be quite lucrative.  For example, the article cites Airtel as having made over 10 billion USD simply by providing basic connectivity to Indians who live in villages and areas that are not reached by the urban metropolis.  This is an example of investing in the "have nots" that can help to bring about economic progress in a worldwide setting where this is not happening.