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Embryonic Development What are the stages of human embryo development from a zygote to feotus and how did I grow from a sperm and egg?

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That is correct.  When an egg is fertilized by a sperm, the fertilized egg is now a single cell with a full complement of chromosomes, called a zygote.  The zygote will undergo normal cell division for about a week, at which point it will be called an embryo.  The cell division will continue, major organ systems will start to be produced, and in about 8 weeks time, it is now called a fetus.  The unborn child will continue to get larger and develop all the rest of its organ systems, until about 40 weeks, full term, it is born into the outside world.

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I think you will find this link helpful, as this gets complex.

Basically, when the sperm meets the egg it forms a zygote, a fertilized egg.  That egg develops into an embryo, into a fetus, and then the baby is born.



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