THE EMBRYO DEVELOPS INTO A FETUS Once it has begun to divide the fertilized egg is called a ZYGOTE. As the zygote divides, it moves along the fallopian tube toward the ____________________. Number of weeks since fertilization Appearance of embryo/fetus Has elongated and it is barely 1/10th of an inch long Has arm buds and is curled. It has the beginning of eyes At this stage, the nose begins to take shape. Leg buds appear, embryo is less than _____ inch long It floats inside the fluid -filled amniotic sac and its ____________________ is clearly visible. Embryo is 3⁄4 of an inch long, can move its _____ and _____, where there are clearly defined fingers. Its ____________ are visible. Eye lenses are also formed at this stage. Its fingers are clearly seen. The ____________________ of the feet are clearly visible. Embryo is 2 1⁄2 inches long It can bring its hands together and suck its thumb Organs of senses are nearly formed Turning inside the mother It is now a fetus that is 5 1⁄2 inches long, eyes are closed, but the fetus can see. The ____________________ is the fetus’ link to its mother; the source of its life. All of its important features have been developed, but it will take another ____ weeks before it can survive outside its mother.

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I will complete the blanks in order as stated in your paragraph. The answers will be in bold print. I believe your question is based on the film, "The Miracle of Life" by the program Nova.

As the zygote divides it moves along to the uterus or womb, as it sometimes referred to. This is where an embryo will develop in a human female.

Leg buds appear, and the embryo is less than 1/2  inch long.  It floats inside the fluid...

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