Is Elizabeth a lovely character?she likes darcy after seeing his grounds..Personally i like Elizabeth very much..but when i think about her love for darcy then my views take a u turn..She herself...

Is Elizabeth a lovely character?she likes darcy after seeing his grounds..

Personally i like Elizabeth very much..but when i think about her love for darcy then my views take a u turn..She herself confessed that she starts thinking better of darcy after her visit ti his place..of course she has a soft corner for him after reading the letter but she confesses it to be a love after seeing 'lovely grounds'..of course Darcy has become more gentle for her at that time and what he did for her sister is more than enough for anyone to fall in love with her.but still there are some points which make me uncomfortable because i like her best of all the heroines that i know..

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Although you have identified a comic point in Elizabeth's change in regard towards Darcy, you must also remember the context of this scene and what else Elizabeth learns about Darcy when she meets him at Pemberley. nusratfarah is right in identifying Darcy's pride as being the chief cause for her prejudice against him, but what happens during this part of the novel is that Elizabeth discovers a "new" Darcy who is polite and respectful towards her "low relations" - her Aunt and Uncle who live in Cheapside. She also befriends Georgiana, who helps her to see a different side of Darcy and his compassion and love. Above all, it is well worth reading the physical description of Pemberley again and paying attention on how it relates to its owner. Through her time in Derbyshire Elizabeth realises that first appearances can be deceiving and she comes to see beyond Mr. Darcy's somewhat harsh and judgemental exterior to the kind, honourable and generous man who lives beneath it. So carry on in your regard for Elizabeth Bennet - she, in my opinon, displays what is most important in heroes or heroines - an ability to identify your own mistakes and rectify them.

lmetcalf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is also at Pemberly that she talks to Darcy's housekeeper, Mrs. Reynolds and hears of his character from another prespective.  Of course she is going to be loyal to her employer, but I think we are supposed to take her words of praise for what they are.  Mrs. Reynolds comments specifically on the fact that Darcy never speaks harshly of others and is kind to the poor.  These are ideas that Elizabeth may not have considered of Darcy.  One of the most important things that Mrs. Reynolds says is that all of the tenants and servants have only good things to say about Darcy and "some people call him proud; but I am sure I never saw any thing of it."  These comments put Darcy in a new light for Elizabeth and leave her questioning what else she doesn't truly know about Mr. Darcy.

rlgreen | Student

Darcy's grounds help Elizabeth see something of his character. He has not imposed his will on the natural beauty of Pemberly, but has allowed instead enhanced its character. To Elizabeth, this shows that Darcy is not trying to dominate, but he is trying to assist, a sort of noblisee oblige (sp).  I think it reveals something of Austen's mindset.

nusratfarah | Student

You, at first, think on your own that if a girl, at a party, would walk away pompously saying to you directly that you are not suitable enough for her, though you have not proposed her, what would you feel? Would you not have felt annoyed to her like Lizzy?

Darcy's pride makes Elizabeth prejudiced against him. And, his soft-heartedness and modesty makes her fall for him, not his grounds. The nature has played a great role of course, but, don't forget dear that, Austen writes the novel in the Romantic period when nature used to play a huge role in human life. The beautiful grounds make her mind begin to melt, but don't you think that it does express that, going closer to the nature and viewing Darcy from that natural and genuine, authentic context, she became able to comprehend his personality better? Think deeply a bit. :)

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