Describe Elizabeth Bennet's character in Pride and Prejudice.

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Elizabeth Bennet's first distinctive quality is her self-pride. She is a woman well-aware that she does not come from the best of all families, accepts the fact that her sister Lydia is silly and lose, and admits to her own mother's obnoxious behavior. Yet, she keeps her head high and accepts the flaws of others the way she accepts her own.

She can also be described as courageous. This is part of her self-pride. She does not let anyone push her around, and she was very strong when she confronts Lady Catherine, Miss Bingley, and Mr. Darcy. She speaks her mind and says what she has to say.

This means that she is also outspoken.  However, she also encourages Darcy to speak just so she can have a meaningful conversation with him. It is her outspoken nature that both gets her in trouble and garners her praise, for when she speaks her mind, Darcy is able to understood her.

Lastly, Elizabeth is caring and loyal. She is caring because she is careful not to cause her father undue pain and in that way that she worries about the way her younger sister Lydia has caused to suffer. Elizabeth does her best at not complicating life for anyone. Finally, she is loyal because she places the happiness of Jane, her sister, even above her own. She thrives on Jane's success with Bingley and seems more interested in Jane's well-being more than her own chances at marriage.

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