Elizabeth Bennet is a gold digger I had a look at some websites and a few say that Elizabeth was truly impressed by Pembery (Mr Darcy's estate) and that this is what triggered or foreshadowed her love for him. Maybe when she saw his estate she realized the vastness of his fortune.  Is she that shallow that what attracted her to him was the wealth and privilege? Or do you think that this didn't really matter to her and that she loved him for his personality? Basically I'm asking you: How far do you agree or disagree with the statement (Elizabeth is a gold digger), and why? Your contributions to this topic will be greatly appreciated! :)

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I would disagree with this statement.  I think if Elizabeth was purely out for monetary gain she would have agreed to marry Mr. Collins.  He was her first marriage offer and would certainly have provided plentiful monetary gain for her family.  Elizabeth had no way to know that she would have better opportunities later.  I also think if Elizabeth was simply after Mr. Darcy's money, she would have accepted him the first time he proposed rather than arguing with him.

I think Elizabeth began to change her feelings towards Mr. Darcy when she read his letter explaining several of the offenses she held against him.  I am sure that she was impressed by his estate, but it was probably more a marvel of what she had turned down than hoping to have it offered to her again.  Elizabeth shows herself to have much more character than simply seeking financial gain.

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I could see why some would say this, but given what we know of Elizabeth, I disagree. In fact, I think his wealth would only make her more skeptical of him. She was a very independent and modern woman, and did not think like others of her time. They were mostly gold diggers, but she was not.
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While I would agree that seeing the beauty of the estate certainly gave her something to think about in terms of his wealth, it is more about what she learns about Darcy's character as she talks to people who work for him and who have known him for many years that helps her to see Darcy in a more flattering light. She knew all along that Darcy was a very wealthy man, more wealthy than Bingley; more connected to the elite of society like Lady Catherine. If she was truly a gold digger she would have accepted his first marriage proposal and overlooked his previous proud behavior, or what she perceived to be rude and/or proud attitudes about himself and others.

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