Eliezer is a healthy boy in the beginning of Night. At the end he refers to himself as corpse. What are some significant events that caused that?I need 10 significant events to make a before and...

Eliezer is a healthy boy in the beginning of Night. At the end he refers to himself as corpse. What are some significant events that caused that?

I need 10 significant events to make a before and after chart

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amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Elie becomes a corpse by the end of the book for many reasons, but also in two facets: physically and emotionally.

Mrs. Schacter and her son in the train would be a good place to begin.  At first the people were compassionate to an old lady who appears to have lost it a little in a crowded train car.  Then, in front of her young son, the crowd begins to beat her senseless each time she calls out about the fire and flames. 

Obviously, starvation and lack of proper food and nutrition in the camps of Auschwitz, Birkenau and Buna reduce a healthy boy's physique to skin and bones.

In addition, the fact that he begins the "journey" as a loving son who is looking out for and protecting his father and ends up trying to lose him in one of the runs so he doesn't have to worry about anyone but himself will reduce a person emotionally from healthy relationships to corpse-like behavior.  The Nazis continually did things to reduce the Jews from humans to "animals".

Another event which dehumanizes Elie and the others is the loss of Juliak's beautiful violin music.  He was killed and his violin was crushed...a symbol for his soul, but also the human connection.

There are many other conflicts which contribute to Elie's metamorphosis--the fight for his shoes, his gold teeth, and all the selections he faced.  Each of these conflicts made him less human and more like the corpse he sees when the liberators appear.

clane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1. The Jews of Sighet have to be transported out of the ghetto that they have come to accept. This is when they see a glimpse of the abuse that is about to ensue.

2. They spend roughly three to four days "hermetically sealed" in a cattle car. There were 80 people to car, you went to restroom where you stood and there was very little food and water during the dead of the summer heat.

3. Mrs. Schacter makes everyone on the train insane with fear as she screams of the flames.

4. Probably the most significant event that turned Elie into a corpse would be the first night in Auschwitz.

5. Elie has to see his father beaten for asking to use the restroom.

6. Elie gets angry that his father upsets the guards enough to get beaten and then feels horribly guilty for feeling that way about his father.

7. Elie sees the faithful lose their faith and directly after their lives.

8. Elie sees the hanging of the pipet and must look him in the face.

9. Elie must elude death when death is all around in the snow stealing lives all around.

10. Elie wished his father was not with him slowing him down affecting his own survival.

There are so many more that led to his being a corpse, but these 10 are pretty significant.